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The Committee

Alison (She/They)

Layout [Flip!]

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Alison (or AJ if you prefer). I’m an artist, illustrator, & graphic design student. I’m most often on Instagram over @ajddraws. Any donations to the caffeine fund are greatly appreciated!

Noora (She/Her)

Author [Pyramid Scheme]

Hi! I’m Noora, or Rose, or both (she/her for now), resident Black transbian cryptid. You may remember me from numerous things published under my deadname! I write, edit, and do layout for rules-lite, ruling-heavy RPGs. Find my work here.

Josh (He/Him)

Layout [Zed & Two Noughts]
Layout/Author [Tangled]

Engineer by day, developer of content for incredibly niche markets by night. Need writing, layout, development, or friendly opinions? Feel free to ask.

Chalkdown (He/Him)

Illustration [Flip!]

I wear many hats but for this project I’ll be an artist/illustrator. I’ve only gotten into TTRPGs in the last few years but the OSR scene has consumed me. You can find some of my recent work on Itch.

Kyle (She/Her)

Author [Forsaken]

Hiya! I write fiction and games about things I love, like stuffed toys, wrestling, and mythology. I exist mostly on the internet! Check out my work

A white person wears white face paint, a striped shirt covered in blood, and a lacy skirt.

Reilly (They/Any)

Editor / Project Lead

I’m Reilly, a musician turned trpg creative. You might know me from the tabletop survival game; Cast Away; or the level-0 funnel series for OSE. I also work with Far Horizons Co-op as an editor, author, and layout designer.