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Flip! Issue #1

7 days left to pre-order

Thank you all so much for supporting our strange ideas so far from the comfort zone of everyone’s favorite crowdfunding behemoth. From Kyle, Adam, AJ, Noora, and myself, we’re honored and relieved that we’re able to put this project together with the help of our peers. If you want to help even more, can you share our page online? And if you still haven’t pre-ordered a copy for yourself, what are you waiting for? It’s only 20% off for a few more days!

looking forward

We can’t wait to reveal all the progress we’ve been making behind-the-scenes. Right now, Forsaken is nearly finished with the first round of editing and Pyramid Scheme’s draft is coming together to be one of the most impressive works of satire I’ve ever seen. If anyone can pull this off, you KNOW it’s Noora.

Did you know?

Afterthought Committee opened up a Twitch stream! Tomorrow night (Feb 22) at 6p Pacific we’re playing Sapphic Slumber Party with it’s author, Dee! Then, we’re playing our upcoming Old School Essentials funnel, TANGLED on the 26th. The week after that we’re running Mausritter! Make sure to follow our channel if you want to be notified when we go live. You could also join our Discord if you want to run your own games on our channel, or if you just want to be a player once in a while.

A group of women are fighting with pillows in hand. They're joyous and carefree, clothes coming undone and hair matted with sweat.
Sapphic Slumber Party: Feb 22 a 6p Pacific @

That’s it for now

If there’s anything you’d like to know about the project, please comment below! We’re working hard, putting the pieces together, and soon we’ll offer a beautiful and unique book for you to have and to hold. Until then,

Reilly Qyote

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