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Zimo 2022. You're going to flip over this zine.
#ZineMonth2022 Afterthought Committee

Noora Rose (Monkey’s Paw Games) & Kyle Tam (Urania Games) are bringing you a 2-ZINES-IN-1 double feature! You know, like when labels put two bands on one record.

That’s exactly what we’re doing here, but with two kickass tabletop devs.

Flip! Issue #1

This project was originally going to be on Kickstarter for ZineQuest 4 but we’ve decided to support a more ethical initiative in the indie scene this year: ZiMo. This means we need all the help we can get from you…yes, you! Our brand new website can’t compete with the marketing giants, but you can. Sharing this page on your socials is really important to us, so thanks in advance for spreading the word.

Now…ready to find out what’s inside?

Four children take up arms in a quest to light the dark world around them.

Forsaken is a game about finding light in the darkness. About using your voice to cut through the pain of silence with the power of imagination. Become the titular Forsaken, both as children laboring for the happiness of others, and later in their lives as heroes protecting a world that tried to break them.

In The City, your characters are children making sense of the world around them while they establish their own sense of identity. As players, you’ll need to provide opportunities for your characters to display vulnerability and showcase their strengths if you wish to generate Hope. It’s this Hope that gives them the strength to carry on. To rise above adversity & establish a bright new future.

In The Kingdom, the children have grown to become great heroes, embodying legendary tales of violence and contemplation. The Kingdom is Illuminated by LUMEN, with players using Stories as a weapon & utilizing powers based on Hope they create in The City.

A purple gorilla holds a pyramid on their shoulders.
Flip over FORSAKEN to find Noora’s setting guide:

EXPLORE the city of Ziessal; that shining valley rich in plunder and souls, where the Great Apes have established a utopian oasis of Reason and Logic, hidden from the looters and layabouts of the world!

MEET the City Founders; those titans of industry who, tired of the sweat of their brows being stolen, recused themselves—and their immense genius—in a privately-owned paradise powered and funded by their immense intellect (and hereditary fortunes)!

MARVEL at the technological wonders brought about by the spirit of individualism, ego, and integrity; such as the public address system, where City Founders broadcast the distilled genius of rhetoric in hours-long speeches!

Neo-Fantasy Tours© will be your guide to getting the most out of each and every visit to the wonderful city of Ziessal: Where Dreams are Sold!

Fundraising for Afterthought Committee

Our funding goal to make this project a reality is $3,000. This goes toward fair wages for our artists and authors first and foremost. We don’t have any plans for stretch goals and are focused on delivering the best possible book that we can. Support our first issue of FLIP! and take 20% OFF orders placed in February!

If we exceed our $3,000 goal:
That would be incredible! Our team is sharing profits, which means that after all expenses are paid for, each of us will split the remaining funds evenly. We’d all love a big payout, so could you help spread the word if you haven’t already?


What’s in the DIGITAL ONLY package?
  • Interactive PDF w/ ‘spreads’ & ‘pages’ options.
  • Interactive EPUB in plaintext.
What’s in the PRINT + DIGITAL package?

If you reserve your print copy now, you’ll be locking in an early-bird price for delivery in Q1 of 2023. We’re shipping all over the world with eco-friendly packaging that protects your book from bangs, stomps, and puddles. Your Print + Digital purchase includes:

  • Interactive PDF w/ ‘spreads’ & ‘pages’ options.
  • Interactive EPUB in plaintext.
  • 40+ A5 pages of high-quality paper containing both Forsaken & Pyramid Scheme.
  • Is there a pledge manager?
    • Nope! We established a great method for keeping production and fulfillment in-house. You’ll pay now for the book and shipping, meaning if prices increase down the line, you’re purchase is protected. Once we reach our funding goal, we’ll ship the books safely ourselves.
  • Why not use Kickstarter?
    • To put it simply, we don’t think anyone should have to rely on platforms that don’t allow for creative control and transparency. We believe in the power of community engagement and the spirit of crowdfunding; and if you’re reading this, that means you do too!
  • Where are you shipping from?
    • We’re currently planning to fulfill orders from the US, Canada, UK, and EU.

A green sketch of Kyle smiling at the camera.

Kyle Tam

‘Forsaken’ author

Hiya! I write fiction and games about things I love, like stuffed toys, wrestling, and mythology. I exist mostly on the internet! Check out my work

A purple sketch of Noora smiling at the camera.

Noora Rose


Hi! I’m Noora, or Rose, or both (she/her for now), resident Black transbian cryptid. You may remember me from numerous things published under my deadname! I write, edit, and do layout for rules-lite, ruling-heavy RPGs. Find my work here.

A blue sketch of Chalkdown smiling at the camera.


Cover Artist

I wear many hats but for this project I’ll be an artist/illustrator. I’ve only gotten into TTRPGs in the last few years but the OSR scene has consumed me. You can find some of my recent work on Itch.

A red sketch of Reilly smiling at the camera.

Reilly Qyote


I’m Reilly, a musician turned trpg creative. You might know me from the tabletop survival game; Cast Away; or the level-0 funnel for OSE; Zed & Two Noughts. I also play and run lots of games on Twitch @afterthoughtgames.


Layout & Design

My name is Sin and I’m a Filipino game designer and artist from Metro Manila. I do digital and traditional art and I specialize in conceptual art, including landscapes, backgrounds and sceneries. I also do some layout work, ranging from clean simple formats to elaborate pieces. My game design is characterized by games that heavily employ magical realism, allowing you to play as magic sentient plants and AI sending love notes to each other during a revolution.

Fulfillment by Afterthought Committee


We are all tired of hearing about the global shipping crisis, I know. We can’t help it. What we can do, however, is offer worldwide shipping at up-to-date rates in as many different currencies as possible. We’re making sure to keep costs down and quality up, and we’re confident we’ll be delivering above expectation. If everything goes according to plan, we’ll be shipping by February 2024.

Still not convinced?

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